Selling soap is not a quick process!

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

When we decided that we wanted to make our own natural products we had no idea of the steps you need to take to legally be allowed to sell.

First job is obviously making a product you are happy with. This has taken us multiple attempts, testing, failures and successes before we were happy with products. We once had a massive failure and ended up with a foam explosion! Our husbands found this one particularly amusing.

Then each product needs a Cosmetic Safety Assessment Report, This is where a cosmetic chemist checks your recipe to ensure it is safe for use.

You then need to register all products on the cosmetic portal before 'placing on the market'

Public liability insurance, a website, registering your business for tax purposes, Registering with companies house. packaging, deciding how your going to post, logo, design. There are so many challenges and so much to organise BUT we have loved it all!

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