The Shampoo Bar Dream!

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Shampoo Bars were part of the Little Giraffe dream from day 1 but having never made a shampoo bar some serious research was needed.

Lots of internet searching for recipes, tutorials, ingredient properties and ideas our first bar were gathered.

First things first! Decide on what ingredients we wanted to use. We wanted a syndet shampoo bar, one that worked just like bottled shampoo and didn't need an acid rinse. We also knew we didn't want to use any sulphates like SLS. We also wanted to choose ingredients that were beneficial for hair, Using a shampoo bar should not mean compromising your hair care routine. Ingredients picked time to make a bar.

We made our first bar, brought the ingredients and had a go. We chose SCI as our surfactant, Derived from coconuts its extremely mild, doesn't leave a residue and can be used in hard water areas. It was 'ok' not terrible but also not amazing. If we were going to produce a shampoo bar that we wanted to sell it needed to be better than ok! The testing continued!

Our first bar was not a success and looks wise was not appealing, In fact it looked like a turd and defiantly not something you would want to rub on your hair. Safe to say we didn't use the soap nut powder again!

With each recipe we would review our ingredients and amend slightly, eventually we hit the jackpot! A bar the were not just happy with but loved!

Now time make it look professional and to decide what scents we wanted and test the bar out on family! We purchased a shampoo bar press and decided to splash out and have our logo made into the press. The first time we made our bar and pressed it I cant explain the excitement! We were buzzing!!

We chose a few friends and family to help in this testing process and feedback was fabulous, even better than we could have hoped for. We couldn't help but get excited by the shampoo bars. Cosmetic safety assessment applied for and we cant wait to launch them!

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