Why we started Little Giraffe Co

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Sometimes when life throws you lemons its time to make lemonade!

In 2019, Gemma suffered a serious illness and it was during this time that she started to think about the products she was using on her skin and how much plastic she was using. After lots of research (she had a plenty of time on her hands stuck in bed!) she began using soap instead of shower gel, shampoo bars instead of bottled and natural deodorant.

Suse, around the same time, was also trying to be more eco-friendly. Between them, Suse and Gemma tried many new bathroom and body products. Some good, and some not so great.

Fast forward to 2020, a global pandemic meant that Suse was now on furlough and after 15 years with the same company she took the opportunity to take redundancy and take some time while deciding what to do next...

Over a very rare night where the best friends were allowed to meet up for a long walk, Little Giraffe Co was born. With both having a passion for using more natural products and using less plastic, they decided to share their knowledge and love through making their own products!

Agreeing on a shared ethos and business plan, Little Giraffe Co was born. Read on through our blog and social media accounts to find out more about Gemma, Suse and Little Giraffe Co.

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